Change Your Mindset and

Change Your Life

A proven method to gain control of your thoughts, habits, feelings and behaviours so you can face life with increased self-esteem and resilience.


The Power of 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

When you're at a crossroad in your life and the state of your mental and/or physical health is unnecessarily challenging, you know that it's crunch time. And while you may have tried other forms of therapy with minimal success, you're still committed to doing what it takes to create a life which is consistent with your values and beliefs. 

NLP has the power to get you there.

Yoga by the Ocean

Coaching Techniques

Experience what it's like to be in control of your thinking, feelings and behaviours. Overcome addictions, reconnect with your core values, and apply tools and techniques that empower you to take action and move forward.


Change Unwanted Behaviours

Communicate with your subconscious to naturally change habits and beliefs. Lose weight,
stop smoking, improve confidence and self esteem, and more.


Get More Out of Life

Use scientific methods to achieve predictable results and success through deliberate ways of thinking and actions.

Time Line Therapy

Remove Negative Experiences

Eliminate painful negative emotional experiences in your past and create the freedom to move forward - achieving your most desirable life goals.


About Annette

Hi, I'm Annette Zukowski, a Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, and NLP graduate of the Tad James Co., an Alcohol and Other Drugs/Mental Health counsellor, and a teacher working with at-risk students. I also have certifications in Vedic Astrology, Reflexology and Conscious Dance Movement,  which I think compliment my ability to help people create life-long positive changes in their lives.

My passion for holistically coaching people away from past trauma to present self-empowerment has been a forever calling. I myself know all too well the damaging effects of personal suffering, and my recovery is testament to the success of the self-healing tools I used to transform my mindset to and create my ideal future.


I primarily use therapeutic hypnosis , Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Time Line Therapy to help everyday people achieve similar results for their lives too.

My Success Stories

If you feel stuck and not able to move forward in your life, I would recommend this therapy above all others I've tried. Annette enables you to access your own subconscious, identifying the life events that may have held you back. In the process of eliminating these blockers you are freed to look forward and realise where you need to put your energy. As a person who has always struggled with decision making I suddenly had practical clarity about what to do. This is life changing therapy for anyone dogged by anxiety and self doubt. Life-changing.


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